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FREE Domestic First Class Shipping on all in stock CRKT knives!
FREE Domestic First Class Shipping on all in stock CRKT knives!
Maker Spotlight - Gerber Gear

Maker Spotlight - Gerber Gear

EDC addiction is a real problem, especially when selecting new brands, but sometimes the picks are easy.  Gerber Legendary Blades was definitely one of those easy choices for me.  They have produced some of the world's most legendary blades and worked with, or had a hand in spawning, some of my favorite knife designers and brands.  So, grab a small coffee and prepare for a 5 minute read on the who, what, when, where, and why of our newest brand.


From Christmas Gift to Christmas Gift

The Gerber story begins with an amazing anecdote.  Gerber began life as an advertising firm in Oregon founded by Joseph Gerber.  In the 1930s, his son Peter sent out a small number of a very special Christmas gift: handmade knife sets.  

(the man himself, Pete Gerber)
Clients loved the knives, but it was one client in particular that really kicked started the knife business.  That client was Abercrombie & Fitch (yes, THAT Abercrombie & Fitch).  They were considered a premier outdoor supply seller, and added Gerber knives to their catalog in 1939.  I think it's really amazing that a Christmas gift changed the landscape of Gerber's business.  I also think it is incredibly fitting that Gerber gear is given as Christmas gifts still to this day.


The Gerber Coaching Tree

Gerber continued to grow, and the talent surrounding the brand was undeniable.  Names like:


and many more were involved in shaping the brand through employment or collaboration.  Another well known knife company, Kershaw, was founded when a former Gerber employee decided to start producing his own knives.  If you remember from last week's Maker Spotlight, CRKT was started by two former employees leaving Kershaw.  So, whether directly or indirectly, Gerber is responsible for two amazing brands to rise in the marketplace.


Why Gerber?

Gerber is one of the easiest decisions I have ever made here in the EDCa purchasing department (aka, my desk).  A great combination of build quality, fair pricing and smart design combine with a Lifetime Warranty (in North America, 25 years everywhere else) make this the ideal choice for my tool-based EDC.  I've never been afraid to use/abuse/lose my Gerber gear and I can honestly say that I am excited to see the line grow and take shape on the site.



Is there a piece of Gerber gear that we do not carry that you NEED to have? Email me ( and let's find it together!

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