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FREE Domestic First Class Shipping on all in stock CRKT knives!
Material Monday - Mokuti

Material Monday - Mokuti

Material Monday – Mokuti

What is Mokuti?

Way overly simple explanation: Mokuti is the resulting material when titanium layers are worked into a Mokume-gane billet. 


Mokuti starts life as layers of different titanium alloys.  These are stacked and forged (in ways that are unique to each maker of the material) into a single billet.  This billet is then cut to produce a visually dynamic, layered material.  The technique is similar to the Mokume-gane style of metalworking from Japan.  Since Mokume-gane uses materials like copper and nickel, it’s safe to say that it is much more forgiving than MokuTi.  Even the material’s innovator, Chad Nichols, admitted to Blade Magazine in June 2018 that, “If I don’t make MokuTi for a month or two, I kind of count on the first two tries being crap.”

Mokuti also has a distinction of being a specific name for a material that became the ubiquitous way to encompass all layered titanium materials. The reason? We can only speculate that the reason for this is because Mokuti explains both the process (Mokume-gane) and the material (Ti) in one handy word. We also do not doubt this as the reason for the naming choice in the first place.  So, just like Kleenex or Ziploc Bags, Mokuti has become the de facto name for layered titanium materials among a good portion of EDCaddicts. 

In addition to Mokuti, there is also Timascus, which is a product of AKS.  It was developed by Tom Ferry, Bill Cottrell, and Chuck Bybee.  It is also a layered titanium product with a proprietary (ie. Secret as hell) method of bonding together the layers.  It also produces that amazing layered effect, and has the rainbow room of colors we expect from Mokuti.

Featured Products

Nottingham Tactical Ti Clicker - Mokuti: This remains a personal favorite rendering of Mokuti coloration in a pen.  It has all the hallmark colorings of Mokuti, plus it has the swirling, oil slick like pattern.  The dotted body also acts as a great grip enhancer to the pen.

Koch Tools Notch Pryer - Mokuti: We are suckers for a multi-use pry bar.  We also love the fact that the pattern is visible on the top and bottom, while the pry face shows the layering of the materials.

Rotablade Stubby - Mokuti: The Rotablade Stubby is a well balanced, long spinning piece when rendered in a "standard" material.  When done in Mokuti, the piece becomes hypnotic when spinning.

Bad Influence Metal Works Impaler Mk0 Mod1 Marlin Spike - Mokuti: Bad Influence is an under the radar find that we made late last year.  Most of their work is custom, but we asked for anything lying around the shop.  When we saw this in the box, it was immediately obvious that there is something special going on. Turned to reveal the swirl and striation in the same spike, the metal work on this is beautiful.  It also has a more two tone look (yellow/blue) instead of the rainbow coloration we expect from Mokuti.

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