TiBolt Pen - Captain Axel Custom CODE ORANGE


Fellhoelter TiBolt Pen in  EDCaddiction EXCLUSIVE Code Orange Cerakote


Why this is AWESOME:

The most unique ink deployment method since the invention of the click top

Code Orange Cerakote is dual stage orange and black distressed finish

Exclusive to EDCaddiction

Brian Fellhoelter is the king of the EDC pen world, since he basically created it with his TiBolt pen.  The TiBolt is a ballpoint pen that deploys its ink using the titanium bolt that is slide locked into the titanium receiver body.  Beginning life as a TiBolt Deluxe (the milled and drilled variant), it is sent to Captain Axel to receive (in our opinion) the best dual stage cerakote finish out there!

This piece is ultra rare, since it belongs to run of EDCaddiction exclusive Code Orange.  This is a dual stage color, as it is orange AND black! Get them while they are here!