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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Ranger Eye Set - BRO! Orange and Green


Project BRO Ranger Eye Set in Infected Green and Code Orange


Why this is AWESOME:

An easy way to say the word you need to say

Las Vegas Exclusive exclamation

Exclusively at EDCaddiction


Bro. One word, many meanings.  This Ranger Eye is the first product of the Project BRO, a passion of Jared "Moonstar" Jackson and EDCaddiction.  This will be a project focused on raising money for charities near and dear to the hearts of the EDC community (via a Facebook Group vote).


This set was developed for a certain "gathering" of EDC aficionados in Las Vegas.  It features a BRO! exclamation and is presented as a set with two colorways: Infected Green and Code Orange!


**Proud to be a founding Project BRO partner**