Skull Popper v3 and Beast Bead - Copper


Copper Shed Knife Works Skull Popper v3 and Beast Bead in Copper


Why this is AWESOME:

The Latest version of the Skull Popper

Hammered finish beast bead looks amazing

Great shape retained from v2


The Skull Popper v3 is a great addition to the family! It has the Skull Popper’s great shape that is easy to grip and pop a top.  It also retains the changes made to the v2 (size/shape of lanyard hole, right cheek logo).  The v3 has Skull Popper engraved around the left eye socket, to complement the Copper Shed logo on the right cheek.  The mouth engraving is also different, with a deeper, more machined look and more teeth.  This one also features a Beast Bead with hammered finish, also by Copper Shed.  They are connected by a burgundy/black lanyard. 

Copper Shed Knife Works are made on a custom basis and hand finished by Ryan Forbes in Vienna, OH.  Copper Shed is primarily sold via a Sunday sales drop done on a closed Facebook Group.  This fastest finger drop ensures that anything and everything released is sold in less than 5 mins! Getting a new piece of Copper Shed feels almost impossible at times, so naturally we wanted to make them as available as possible!

This example was barely handled and will ship with both birthday cards/COAs.