SHF (Spartan Harsey Folder) 2018 Special Edition - Compass


Spartan Blades SHF (Spartan Harsey Folder) 2018 Special Edition – The Compass

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Collaboration between William W Harsey Jr (design) and Spartan Blades (manufacture)

Custom engraving of compass and “Not all who wander are lost” quote done by Spartan Blades for 1 year only

Clip is reversible double-sided thumb studs for ambidextrous application


The design prowess of Mr. William J Harsey Jr speaks for itself, and he has maintained a collaboration with Spartan Blades for several fixed blades.  The SHF is a complete departure from fixed to folder, from the EDC of a warrior to the EDC more of an everyman.  The design is truly a winner, with the ergonomically shaped handle making it easy to be picked up and handled (great handling is a hallmark of all Spartan Blades).  The reversible clip and double thumb studs mean that it can be operated by anyone, left or right handed.  The S35VN steel blade is 4 inches, finishes to a drop point. 

The smooth run of titanium for the handle is the perfect canvas to engrave their special annual patterns.  This piece is from the final production run of the Nautical Compass.  It includes the special anodizing (green accenting the engraving) and the engraved phrase, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Overall (Open) Length

8.81 inches

Closed (Handle) Length

4.81 inches


5.8 oz

Blade Length

4 inches

Blade Thickness

0.154 inches

Blade Material

S35VN steel

Blade Tip


Blade Finish


Blade Lock

Frame Lock

Handle Material

6AL4V Titanium

Handle Finish

Engraved, color anodized

Special Finish

Nautical Compass, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”