Hex Bead - Brass Antique Shipwreck


Copper Shed Knife Works Hex Bead in Brass with Antique Shipwreck Patina


Why this is AWESOME:

Great addition to any EDC

Antique Shipwrecked on the flat sections of the hex

Comes with Electric Blue lanyard


This Hex Bead is an excellent addition to your Copper Shed, or any, EDC gear! It is definitely hexagonally shaped, and features an antique shipwreck on the flat surfaces.  This is capped off with an electric blue lanyard to make short work of attaching it to your knife, keys, skull popper, or any other piece you love!

Copper Shed Knife Works are made on a custom basis and hand finished by Ryan Forbes in Vienna, OH.  Copper Shed is primarily sold via a Sunday sales drop done on a closed Facebook Group.  This fastest finger drop ensures that anything and everything released is sold in less than 5 mins! Getting a new piece of Copper Shed feels almost impossible at times, so naturally we wanted to make them as available as possible!

This example was barely handled and will ship with a birthday card/COA.