Beast Bead - 1.0in Copper Skulls


Copper Shed Knife Works Beast Bead in 1.0 inch thick Copper with Skull Etching


Why this is AWESOME:

The Big Boy bead from Copper Shed

The namesake material

Amazing repeating skull etching


We think that Copper Shed Knife Works and its creators Ryan and Kerry Forbes are some of the most creative people we have ever met.  Their takes on the classics, as well as their own innovative designs, are some of the most visually stunning pieces in EDC.  We had a great few days with Ryan in Atlanta for BLADE 2019, so we are really proud to be working directly with Copper Shed Knife Works on this (and future) offerings!


This is one of their Beast Beads, shown in 1in thick Copper.  This is a BIG bead, done here in the namesake material of the company.  It is made even more unique with the addition of Copper Shed's newest motif, the repeating skulls.  When we saw them in person at BLADE 2019, we knew you would love them as much as we did.  Sky is the limit on what can be done here, as it can be a standalone piece, added to any of your EDC gear, or even just set on your table as the baddest ass paperweight in existence! 


**Proud to be officially working with Copper Shed Knife Works**