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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Beer Raptor Beer Breacher - Bronze with Shipwreck Patina

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Denehy Knife and Tool Beer Raptor in Bronze with Shipwreck Patina


Why this is AWESOME:

Design recalls the talons of a Bird of Prey

Shipwrecked to look like a sunken bell

Easily mountable onto a lanyard


The Beer Raptor is an amazing design with a super appropriate name.  The shape mimics that of a Bald Eagle talon, and features the signature formed look we love about Brian Denehy's work (no straight lines here!). This bronze example has its accents patina'ed into a shipwreck finish, with blue and green coloring afflicting ship's bells in every navy on earth (just ask the sailors who polish them).  Just like a raptor's talon, this piece can get you into any beer.  Its sharp point is equal parts beer breacher and pry bar, while the groove just ahead of mosiac inlay will lay waste to any bottle cap.