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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Boagreus Beer Breacher - Bronze with Green Anodizing

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Denehy Knife and Tool Boagreus Beer Breacher in Bronze with Toxic Green Anodized Accents


Why this is AWESOME

A longer, full grip version of the Beer Raptor

Shaped for maximum leverage and grip

Toxic Green anodized accents make it easy to find in a crowd


Taking its name from the skilled spear throwing brute chosen by King Triopas to challenge Achilles, this piece is equal parts brawn and spear.  Its length is longer than any of the Beer/Brew family, and more closely matches a Hyperion.   It features the same breacher/pry bar and bottle opener placement as a Beer Raptor, but extends the midsection into a handle suitable for any hand.  It also has the same iconic look of all Denehy breachers, mainly that they appear as if (and with enough might could) impale a can, rather than simply breach it.  This bronze example is finished off with high visibility toxic green accents, so it will definitely stand out from a crowd of snails, owls, and other less animals.