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BOSS Tactical Torch - Vintage Brass 35/70


Oveready BOSS in Antique Brass with 35mm and 70mm bodies

Why this is AWESOME:

Complete BOSS kit

Upgraded in every way

Sold Out from Oveready


The Oveready BOSS is one of the coolest flashlight systems on the market.  We say system, because each component can be swapped by the user.  This began life as a Brass BOSS 70mm, but has been thoroughly tricked out in every way.  First, this includes BOTH the 35mm and 70mm bodies.  The unused body is protected by the (optional from Oveready) Delrin Body Cap.  The standard lens cap is supplemented by a AlTiN crenelated (crowned) cap.  As far as internals, it runs the Nichia 219C 4000k triple LED with a Lux-RC 371-D driver.  These LEDs throw a slightly warmer color akin to natural light and have an amber secondary color.  Depending on the body used, it takes a 18650 or 18350 battery (both are included).


Oveready Torches are a blank canvas for customization, and this example is fully spec’d.  The Brass is sold out from Oveready, but we wanted to offer this pristine example.