IED (Improvised Enforcement Device) multitool - Armor Black Cerakote

Heeter Improvised Enforcement Device (IED) in Armor Black Cerakote
Takeaways, for those not into reading:
Signature Heeter design
Double finger holes for max torque on bottle opener
Type A "Skull Crusher" Glass Break
Wow, check out the Heeter IED.  This amazing piece of EDC gear feels too nice to use as a bottle opener or glass break (both are on the intended mission list).  This piece is finished in Armor Black Cerakote, with a low polish brass mid-section (the IED is built in 4 pieces).  The engraved top plate also features Todd S Heeter's signature! The rounded edges of the brass section poke out from the sides and are jimped.  Also installed on the top portion is a black oxide "Skull Crusher" glass break in the Type A Shape.  It is worth mentioning that Heeter will no longer be producing the Black Oxide finish, and switched to flamed/polished.
This example is delivered with a black diamond 6 inch grenade pull