Cypop Contra - Steel/Titanium


Cypop Contra bottle opener in Stainless Steel & Titanium


Why this is AWESOME:

It opens bottles and it photographs well doing it

Contra name reflects the opposing sides different materials

A pocket accessory made with the same attention to details as all of Lucas Burnley's projects.


The Burnley Cypop. One part bottle opener, one part emergency force multiplier, and one part mythical unicorn of EDC collecting. This is part of the Contra family. As a prefix, contra means contrasting or opposite, and it could not be more true in this model.  Front (show) face is made from stonewash Stainless Steel, with the back (work) side is made from Zirblasted Titanium.



2.25 inches


1.75 inches


0.24 inches


Stainless Steel and Titanium


Steel silver and titanium grey