Cypop Standard - Heat Colored Mokuti

Burnley Knives Cypop "Standard" in 0.25in thick Heat Colored Mokuti
Why this is AWESOME:
Ultra-rare Cypop in exotic material
Safe queen status by the original owner
Factory Heat Treated to make the Mokuti colors pop
So, there are Cypops, rare Cypops, and THIS.  Sitting at the top of the pyramid are the exotic material Cypops, released in super limited quantities to the most dedicated collectors.  This piece is one of those exotics.  This 0.25 inch thick Cypop "Standard" has been factory heat colored to make the layers and materials pop! The resulting color can best be described as the reference color set of Mokuti (blue, purple, yellow, orange) with each side having a unique look and coloring.  This Cypop has one stamp: the BRNLY logo on the top of the show side.  
This piece is an absolute stunner, and in safe queen condition.  It rarely made appearances, and has never been used to pop a top.  The original owner won a direct sale lottery for this piece, and it ships with the original Birthday Card/COA.