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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Business Man Tactical (BMT) - Bioworkz Death Moth


D Rocket Design Business Man Tactical (BMT) Frame Lock Knife with exclusive Bioworkz Death Moth Design


Why this is AWESOME

An amazing knife, made even more awesome with the decoration

Nail slot deployment perfect for low-profile build like this

Death Moth designed by world renowned designed Bioworkz


It starts with a great knife.  The BMT by D Rocket Design is great choice to carry if you want a knife in your pocket, but those pockets belong to a suit.  This is a low-profile knife, with a compact design and smooth edges all the way around.  The sexiness is turned to 11, thanks to an exclusive design by world renowned graphic artist and tattoo designer: Bioworkz.  This piece features his take on the iconic Death's Head Moth: a sinister skull bursting through the back of the moth! It is rendered on both sides in a multi-color finish!


We are proud to be an authorized D Rocket Design dealer!