Coin-X David Mosier Edition - Bronze


Rev Hartz Coin-X David Mosier Knives Edition in Bronze

Why this is AWESOME:

Coin-X multi-axis rotating construction provides a 360 degree worry coin

Ultra-rare collaboration for David Mosier Knives

Pristine Example


The Coin-X is an awesome worry/fidget coin.  Its three sections each rotate a full 360 degrees along different axes.  The center solid coin has the David Mosier logo on both sides (one in relief and one engraved).  The next ring features the name David Mosier Knives engraved, and the opposite side has an repeating overlapping relief on the DM Knives logo. The final ring has a coin edge and has a grid engraving on both sides along with a drilled hole at the top for mounting a jump ring and wearing as a pendant. The entire piece is crafted in bronze, and will age nicely and uniquely for each user.

This example is absolutely stunning, and has no signs of carry or wear.  It has been handled for photos, but that appears to be it! It ships with the Rev Hartz Birthday Card/COA.

Rev Hartz Coin-X are pretty rare and haven't seen much, if any, production since 2016.  As far as we can tell, David Mosier's books are closed for custom knives.  The combination of a rare product, with an ultra-rare collaboration makes this a totally unique item and a must have for worry/fidget coin collectors, David Mosier fans, or the Rev Hartz obsessed!


***Polishing cloth and birthday card included***