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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Beer Spear - Titanium Full Flamed


Denehy Knife and Tool Beer Spear in Titanium with Full Flame Anodized Finish


Why this is AWESOME

A streamlined version of the Hyperion

Belt dangler built in

Flame Anodized Finish brought out amazing coloration


Check out the Beer Spear! This thing is a streamlined, can penetrating, lid prying, bottle opening hunk of titanium.  Designed as a streamlined version of the Hyperion, it retains all the same functionality (minus the force multiplying ring at the end), and includes a handy belt clip built right in! This example is the fully flame anodized titanium version, and the coloration brought out by the process is a STUNNER! The characteristic colors of flame ano are all here (blue, purple, yellow/orange) and the pattern is unique thanks to each piece being hand finished by Brian Denehy.


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