Brew Talon - Brass EDCaddiction CODE ORANGE


Denehy Knife and Tool Brew Talon in Naval Brass with CODE ORANGE Accents


Why this is AWESOME

Looks like an Eagle mid-strike

Can pop a top or breach a can

Colorful pop against the brass


Feast your eyes on the Denehy Brew Talon.  The name is super appropriate, since its shape resembles an eagle claw in mid-strike.  This compact EDC pocket tool has a bottle opener, a pry bar surface, and a pointed top to make getting into any beverage easy work! The Brew Talon is made from a single piece of Naval-Grade Brass that has been brushed and finished with a colorful red accents on the top and bottom.  It is proudly made in the USA by Brian Denehy, and both his name and USA are stamped directly into the Brew Talon and accented in EDCaddiction exclusive CODE ORANGE!  It also features a lanyard hole with a mosiac inlay surround.