Cypop Contra - Black Micarta/BRNLY


Cypop Contra bottle opener in Black Micarta with Zr Blasted Titanium BRNLY lasered back


Why this is AWESOME:

Zr Blasted finish and lasered logo back is a visual stunner

Micarta is an awesome change from Carbon Fiber

A pocket accessory made with the same attention to details as all of Lucas Burnley's projects.


The Burnley Cypop. One part bottle opener, one part emergency force multiplier, and one part mythical unicorn of EDC collecting. This is part of the Contra family. As a prefix, contra means contrasting or opposite, and it could not be more true in this model.  Front (show) face is made from Black Micarta, an amazing material that uses canvas as the base for a resin and pressure application similar to carbon fiber.  Normally, the work side is a well-finished metal, but this Cypop takes it to anotehr level! It is titanium that has been Zirconium blasted and features a repeating BRNLY logo across the entire piece! This makes this Contra easy to identify as Burnley regardless of what side it is sitting on.  


This example is perfect and was never carried.  It was taken out of its box to take these photos and immediately replaced.  Ships with factory box, insert, Birthday Card/COA, BRNLY patch in OD, and Burnley Rose sticker.