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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Gas Mask Warrior Lighter - Antique Patina


Pocono Customs Gask Mask Warrior Lighter in Antique Patina


Why this is AWESOME

A customized lighter with full functionality

Antique finish are amazing

Ships complete


Paul believes that everyone should carry something sharp, something to drink, and something to start a fire.  This lighter from Pocono Customs takes that last one and turns it up to 11!  


It begins life as a Zippo Armor Tumbled Brass lighter (and retains the Zippo functionality and signature ping) but that is where the resemblance ends.  The front is where the magic happens.  It has the PC logo, as well as a full size (the entire bottom half) Warrior Skull wearing a Frag Helmet and Gas Mask! This guy looks like he left it all on the battelfield! The skull and lighter body have been antiqued, and the resulting effect screams battelworn!  


This example is pristine and was never carried or struck.  It was removed only for photos and ships complete with Pocono Customs hard case and sticker, the Gask Mask Warrior lighter, carry pouch, and original Zippo box.