Gent Pry - 0.375in Brass Skulls


Copper Shed Knife Works Gent Pry Pry Bar in Brass with Skull Etching


Why this is AWESOME:

A classy way to carry

Skulls are set off by sinister darkened finish

One of the godfather alloys of EDC


We think that Copper Shed Knife Works and its creators Ryan and Kerry Forbes are some of the most creative people we have ever met.  Their takes on the classics, as well as their own innovative designs, are some of the most visually stunning pieces in EDC.  We had a great few days with Ryan in Atlanta for BLADE 2019, so we are really proud to be working directly with Copper Shed Knife Works on this (and future) offerings!


This is one of their iconic Gent Prys, shown here in brass.  The Gent Pry is awesome, because it does all the things a Copper Shed pry can do (mainly pry and pop), but it has two major features that take this to the next level! First, the integrated belt clip lets this baby sit on your waist (rather than your pocket).  Next, the top panel is removable and interchangeable, so you can switch it up whenever you get the urge*. It is finished with the new repeating skull etching, and the brass is darkened to provide a sinister look.  It can live as a standalone piece or pair it with a lanyard (like a CordMD).


*Gent Pry top panels come in a variety of materials and finishes.  They are available directly from Copper Shed Knife Works (and coming soon to EDCaddiction)*

**Proud to be officially working with Copper Shed Knife Works**