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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!


by CordMD
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The GETBACK by CordMD in EDCaddiction exclusive CODE ORANGE


Why this is AWESOME:

An homage to the original biker accessory

Our way of flying our club colors

Exclusive to EDCaddiction


The GETBACK is CordMD's take on the get back whip.  Traditionally, it was a long, braided cord that was clipped to handle bars, used literally to GET someone BACK from riding too close.  Over time, these whips were also a way to show your affiliation by having them made in your club's colors.  This GETBACK is a way to fly your own colors!


This is the CODE ORANGE example.  Done with the OG spiked ball and quick release on top.  The CODE ORANGE is exclusive to EDCaddiction.

*Please contact us for international orders*