Gimp Jacket and Burnley Knives Gimp Tag - Silver/Bronze


Rev Hartz Gimp Jacket in Sterling Silver with Burnley Knives Gimp Tag in Bronze

Why this is AWESOME:

A mixed metal set of the Gimp Jacket and Gimp Tag

Collaboration with Burnley Knives

Hot-Swappable Tag is genius!


The Gimp Jacket is an ingenious way to securely have an interchangeable pendant that can be hot-swapped while still on your neck! It uses 6 well placed magnets on the Jacket and Gimp Tag (normally sold separately, but not today)! This Gimp Jacket is made in sterling silver and is antiqued in strategic places.

The Gimp Tag that is part of this set is made for Burnley Knives. Yes, that Burnley Knives.  It is made of bronze and features the Burnley Rose on the front face.

This is a great example that was sent to us as a set, so it will be sold as a set.  The Gimp Jacket and Burnley Gimp Tag are in amazing shape and look like they have never been worn.  The magnets on both pieces show few signs of sliding in and out.  It ships with a 24inch ballchain necklace and Rev Hartz Birthday Card/COA for the Jacket and Tag!