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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Hoosky Hops Grinning Grenade Patch - Hazard Green


Denehy Knife and Tool Grinning Grenade Patch in Hi Visibility Hazard Green with Velcro Backing


Why this is AWESOME:

A Patch that combines the Hoosky Hops with a Grenade

A sinister smile for a deadly cool design

Hazard Green so folks can admire it at any distance


The Hoosky Hops pattern we have come to know and love has been born into a patch (or did this patch inspire the Hoosky Hops Bead?).  This Hi Visibility Hazard Green and Black PVC patch features a Hoosky Hops reimagined into a deadly frag grenade! You may not be able to pull the pin, but pull the backing and stick in on your favorite gear.  The Denehy name is proudly printed on the safety handle, but this distinctive design is immediately recognizable as a Denehy from any distance.