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FREE Domestic First Class Shipping on all in stock CRKT knives!
FREE Domestic First Class Shipping on all in stock CRKT knives!

Heart - 0.25in Brass Drilled


Copper Shed Knife Works Heart in 0.25 inch thick Brass with Drilled Pattern


Why this is AWESOME:

A Great way to introduce the love of EDC to anyone

¼ inch thick great size for keychain, pendant, or lanyard

Drilled Motif adds depth and texture


We think that Copper Shed Knife Works and its creators Ryan and Kerry Forbes are some of the most creative people we have ever met.  Their takes on the classics, as well as their own innovative designs, are some of the most visually stunning pieces in EDC.  We had a great few days with Ryan in Atlanta for BLADE 2019, so we are really proud to be working directly with Copper Shed Knife Works on this (and future) offerings!

This is one of their Hearts, shown in 0.25in thick brass.  It is a great way to share your love of EDC with someone else! It is a pocket friendly size, a friendly shape (a heart) and features a popular EDC material.  It also features the Copper Shed drilled motif, which adds visual depth and physical texture.  It has a v1 sized lanyard hole, so adding a custom lanyard is easy.  The hole is large enough that it can take chain and become a pendant.


**Proud to be officially working with Copper Shed Knife Works**