Hyperion Spike Pry Bar -Titanium Flame Anodized


Denehy Knife & Tool Hyperion Spike Pry in Titanium with flame anodized finish 

Why this is AWESOME: 

Straight badass looking multi-tool (pry bar, beer spear)

Flame Anodized Titanium can handle shenanigan-related abuse

Designed to breech a beer can, the hard way. 


Wow, take a look at the Hyperion Spike Pry from Denehy Knife & Tool.  Looking at it, you can tell it's primary function is to breech a beer can via its side, rather than simply popping the top.  It retains a Hyperion body shape, but smooths out the bottom bottle opener and slims the pry bar edge to a spike tip.  All sides feature a jimping that is akin to a wild animal clawing through the metal, and is simply BADASS.  On first glance, it looks like a weapon used exclusively to kill those animal shaped bottle openers which speaks to the hunter in all of us.  Made in the USA from Titanium that has been flame anodized, this this can definitely stand up to any beer related shenanigans.  

 Also, yes, we broke a table...

Material : Titanium

Finish : Flame Anodized

Overall Length : --

Weight: --