Kadima V3 - Red


D Rocket Design Kadima v3 in Red Cerakoate Titanium with Rinascita Leather Sheath


Why this is AWESOME

Super slim single sided frame

Red finish is easy to spot in a crowded gear pack

Included Sheath has titanium clip for pocket carry


The D Rocket Kadima answers the question: what does a minimalist knife look like? It is a single sided frame, leaving the blade safe and visible on what would normally be the show side. It has a jimped top side to deploy the 2 sided cutting surface (bottom and front sides are both sharp). This piece is then coated in matte Red Cerakoate, ensuring that it is visible in your dog pile of gear!  The included  Rinascita leather sheath provides storage and protection, as well as a clip to make pocket carry a breeze. 


We we are proud to be an authorized D Rocket Deaign dealer!