Ring Spin - Steel Flame w/Phoenix Crusader Slug


Steel Flame Ring Spin with Steel Flame (Honor/Respect) Engraving and Phoenix Crusader Slug


Why this is AWESOME:

Steel Flame credo engraving

Rare Phoenix Crusader etched onto the slug

Beautiful Vintage Gun Metal finish


The Ring Spin is definitely one of Steel Flame's more interesting pieces.  Made in the style of a KillboX Pendant, instead of a shot-through plate, it features a bearing secured with four blued screws.  This is perfect for literally putting it on your finger and giving it a spin (a ring, that spins...ahhhhh).  For those times when putting your finger in it might not be the best option, it comes with a metal slug to fill that space.  Don't worry, it still spins, but with the slug installed, it functions more like a hand spinner.  This one comes complete with the Phoenix Crusader etched slug, which is not as commonly seen as a Crusader, Darkness, or even Dragon.


This is a pristine example and will ship with a black nylon Steel Flame Velcro pouch.