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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Knife Clip - 3D XL Hardness Skull in Royal Bronze (Burchtree style mounting)


Steel Flame Knife Clip with 3D Hardness Skull (XL size) in Royal Bronze with Burchtree Bladeworks style Diagonal Double Screw Mounting


Why did we curate this piece?

Signature Steel Flame design and build elements

Excellent, seemingly unused conTorch Clipdition

A serious nod of approval from one maker to another


Steel Flame is an amazing jewelry and accessories company and is the creative playground for Derrick Obatake and his team of insanely talented craftspeople.  His pieces all echo the Steel Flame's iconic creed: Honor Gratitude Respect.  All of the Steel Flame pieces and collectors have this code worked into their DNA!  Burchtree Bladeworks is the custom knife brand of Michael Burch, part of the new batch of superstar knife makers.  His works has a distinct look with a build quality that is unbelieveable.


This is a Knife Clip, with a 3D Hardness Skull (XL size) in Royal Bronze as its centerpiece.  The Hardness Skull is a more creative and less anatomically correct take on the skull design.  The bone structure gives the appearance of a full sinister smile. To make it even better, the Hardness Skull is done in the XL size, and it is huge! Royal Bronze is a specially formulated alloy used by Steel Flame.  The piece is completed with the proprietary Vintage Gunmetal finish, which adds another layer of complexity and visual depth.


This piece was selected by us for its excellent condition, signature Steel Flame aesthetic, and what the collaboration symbolizes: a nod from Steel Flame that Burchtree Bladeworks are part of the conversation.  It appears to never have been mounted on a light and we are proud to offer it.


**Part of an EDCaddiction Curated Collection**