Knuckle Duster Knuck Pendant - Royal Bronze

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Steel Flame Knuckle Duster Pendant in Royal Bronze

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Shaped like the old school brass knuckles

Made in Royal Bronze, a Steel Flame developed and exclusive material

Vintage Gunmetal Finish, to mimic the case hardening finish on Colt firearms


This brand new and ultra rare Steel Flame pendant takes it shape from the original force multiplier: the Knuckle Duster.  Dating back to the 18th century, knuckle dusters have been making an "impact" all over the world.  The pendant seen here is 1 5/8 inch version, designed to show, rather than go.  It is cast in Steel Flame developed and exclusive Royal Bronze, and finished with their proprietary Vintage Gunmetal finish.  

Steel Flame releases very limited quantities of their handmade creations to a very devoted fan base.  Getting a new piece of Steel Flame can feel almost impossible at times, so naturally we wanted to make them as available as possible!

This example ships with a 24inch ball/chain style necklace, Derrick Obatake signed birthday card, and black drawstring pouch.


**model in image is 6' 1" and 225lbs