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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Malihini Torch - Copper Tumbled


Laulima Metal Craft Malihini Tactical Torch in Tumbled Copper


Why this is AWESOME


Copper is one of the OG materials of EDC

BRIGHT thanks to the 219C 4000k LED emitter

Blue secondary light courtesy of upgraded Dragon Driver


Malihini is a native Hawaiian word for newcomer.  If this is their “newcomer” to torches, we cannot wait for wait Laulima Metal Craft has in store for their Maoli.  This piece runs a trio of warmer (color) 4000k LEDs and is controlled by an upgraded CWF Dragon Driver with a Blue secondary.  This upgrade was performed after initial delivery, so the birthday card reflects the original CREE XP-62 with H17F driver configuration.  This is powered by a single 18350 battery.  The body is copper been tumbled to create a stonewash finish.  The body is finished with a tear drop pattern that is akin to lights positioned around a palm tree, pointed up, to shine on the fronds.  The head is also tumbled copper.  The clip is titanium with the same drilled pattern as the head.  


This example is pristine and appears to rarely, if ever, been carried.  Ships with welcome letter for Laulima, COA, and custom hank pouch.