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Malihini Torch - Titanium Black DLC


Laulima Metal Craft Malihini Tactical Torch in Titanium with Black DLC Finish


Why this is AWESOME


Clip has a mesmerizing drilled and anodized pattern

DLC finish is smooth, uniformly black

Green glow gasket for afterglow pop of color


Malihini is a native Hawaiian word for newcomer.  If this is their “newcomer” to torches, we cannot wait for wait Laulima Metal Craft has in store for their Maoli.  This piece trio a stack of warmer (color) 4000k LEDs and is controlled by an upgraded CWF Dragon Driver with a Green secondary.  This is powered by a single 18350 battery.  The body is grade 5 titanium with an ultra black (no other way to explain it) DLC finish.  DLC is a carbon based surface treatment, known for its incredible durability.  The body is finished with a tear drop pattern that is akin to lights positioned around a palm tree, pointed up, to shine on the fronds.  The head is also DLC coated titanium with a drilled finish, which also matches the clip. 


This example is pristine and appears to rarely, if ever, been carried.  Ships with welcome letter for Laulima, COA, and custom hank pouch.