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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

MOLLE - 3D XL Darkness


Steel Flame MOLLE Clip with 3D XL Hardness in Veritcal Orientation


Why this is AWESOME

an easy way to add some signature Steel Flame style

Vertical orientation looks great on a watch strap

3D and XL warrior is a visual punch in the face


Steel Flame is an amazing jewelry and accessories company and is the creative playground for Derrick Obatake and his team of insanely talented craftspeople.  His pieces all echo the Steel Flame's iconic creed: Honor Gratitude Respect.  All of the Steel Flame pieces and collectors have this code worked into their DNA!  

MOLLE is the current generation of load bearing equipment and backpacks used by NATO forces, including the US military.  The signature look of the system is the webbing that runs down and across bags and pouches to make attaching them to each other easier.

This is a Steel Flame MOLLE clip, designed to fit on the webbing found on these packs.  It allows the user to add a bit of style and personality to a bag that is literally designed to be used by every member of the force.  This clip features a 3D XL Hardness skull.  It is also vertically oriented, meaning it will look great on a watch strap!