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Moon Ball - 4oz Copper Drilled Shipwreck


Copper Shed Knife Works Moonball in Drilled Copper with Shipwreck Patina


Why this is AWESOME:

 4oz weight feels solid as a (moon) rock

Drilled finish looks amazing with shipwreck accents

Comes with lanyard


We think that Copper Shed Knife Works and its creators Ryan and Kerry Forbes are some of the most creative people we have ever met.  Their takes on the classics, as well as their own innovative designs, are some of the most visually stunning pieces in EDC.  We had a great few days with Ryan in Atlanta for BLADE 2019, so we are really proud to be working directly with Copper Shed Knife Works on this (and future) offerings!

This is one of their Moon Balls, shown in 4oz copper.  What can we say about this one? It features some of the amazing hallmarks of Copper Shed finishes.  It is drilled to provide visual depth and physical texture.  The entire ball is then shipwrecked, to mimic the patina that develops in the salty sea air! It also comes mounted on a lanyard, so it's ready to use out of the box!


**Proud to be officially working with Copper Shed Knife Works**