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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

Oeser October 2019 - ARASHI Prototype

Sold out

J Oeser Custom Knives ARASHI in Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber and Black Damascus Blades

Why this is AWESOME:

A World Premiere blade design from Jared Oeser

Single spring, dual blade folder



Jared Oeser is an amazing knife maker.  His top of class build quality and attention to detail has lead to him winning multiple awards and the adoration of custom knife fans everywhere.


Partnering with EDCaddiction, Jared is adding to the Oeser October 2019 Collection by unleashing: ARASHI.


This is the PROTOTYPE piece, done with dual black Damascus Steel Blades and Backspacer, a Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber handle, and a Mars Valley Fat Carbon shield.  This piece is amazing, as it operates as a dual bladed knife running a single spring.  To make things even better, it has flush fit hardware and shield!


It is sold as a complete set featuring:

The Prototype ARASHI

A matching Knife Pick II in Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber

An Oeser Native Tag


This is the first time ARASHI has ever been available for sale and we are releasing the Prototype! Exclusively here at EDCaddiction.  



**Proud to be the Exclusive Partner of Oeser October**