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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

One Off Beer Breacher - D2 with FDE Cerakote by Jimmy Lynch

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One Off Beer Breacher in D2 Tool Steel with Flat Dark Earth Cerakote by Jimmy Lynch (Triarii Metalworks)


Why this is AWESOME

1 of 1, unique design

Finished by Jimmy Lynch of Triarii Metalworks

Drilled for twice the mounting options


Sometimes, the urge strikes to create something new.  When it happens, creative masterminds like Brian Denehy make an amazing piece, and may just decide to never make it again.  That is what happened here, and lead to the creation of the One Off series.  How can One Off be a series? Simple: each design is a one off, but they were built at the same time.  This piece looks like a Great White Shark preparing to devour a seal, thanks to its upward stance, breacher/pry bar tip, and bottom positioned bottle opener.  It has been finished in Flat Dark Earth cerakote by none other than Jimmy Lynch of Triarii Metalworks! We love Brian's work and we love Jimmy's work, so this was a no brainer for us!


**EDCaddiction is the exclusive dealer of Brian Denehy's most recent One Off Collection release**