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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

PPT v2 Bottle Opener - Flame Anodized Titanium


PPT v2 Bottle Opener in Titanium with Flame Anodized Finish


Why this is AWESOME

A bottle opener that looks willing and able to get into a bottle by any means necessary

Flame Anodized finish will be unique for each piece

Shape was made for maximum leverage


The PPT v2 is an SFK style bottle opener.  The drilled hole and curved sides allow this piece to become a part of your hand while exerting maximum leverage on that stubborn cap.  The piece is shaped like a wedge, feels massive in hand, and looks like it can get into a bottle whether it wants to be opened or not.  Thanks to grade 5 titanium construction and generous skeletonization, it will not weigh you down! This piece is also flame anodized, which brings out a great set of colors like blue, purple, and yellow.  Due to the nature of flame anodizing, each piece will look slightly different and will be unique for each user!