Prometheus BeerPry - Brass Naval Battle


Denehy Knife & Tool Prometheus Beer Pry in Naval Battle Brass

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Straight badass looking multi-tool (pry bar, bottle opener, force multiplier)

Organic shape totally different from a standard bottle opener

Weighs enough to break a beer bottle


Wow, take a look at the Prometheus Beer Pry from Denehy Knife & Tool.  It's obvious first function is mentioned right there in the name! It's made for opening, prying, and knucking (should the need suddenly arise).  Top side, there is some great, grenade style jimping for extra grip.  This is definitely for those times when a "simple" bottle opener just won't do. On first glance, it looks like a weapon used exclusively to kill those animal shaped bottle openers which speaks to the hunter in all of us.  Made in the USA from brass that has been finished in Blue with a battle worn finish applied to the color (hence the name, Naval Battle), this thing weighs enough to break a bottle! Ships complete with a Denehy Grenade Patch.

Also, yes, we broke a table...


Material : Brass

Finish : Naval Battle Patina (Blue, rubbed away)

Overall Length : 4.9"

Weight: A lot