Prying Eye - Titanium S**T box

by Qerim37

QERIM Prying Eye Pry Bar in Titanium with Custom Anodizing


Why this is AWESOME:

The S**T Box series is a cool way for David Beck to have some fun

Custom anodizing done by QERIM

Pocket friendly but still functional


The Prying Eye is a great pry bar.  It has a pocket friendly length (less than a business card), but still is strong and can be torqued on.  The drilled holes lighten the load even further, since every gram not in the piece is a gram not in your pocket or gear bag.  To make this more interesting, it is part of something QERIM calls the SHIT box, or products that fall outside the norm of the production versions.  So it gives QERIM the chance to have some fun with pieces that might not make it to the production run.  The anodizing on this piece is fantastic, as it is a color fade from light green to light blue and runs the length of each side.