Baby Hippo Bottle Opener - Cheetah Damascus

by Qerim37

QERIM37 Baby Hippo Bottle Opener in Cheetah Damascus

Takeaways, for those not into reading:

Mountable on a lanyard or necklace to always be prepared to open bottles

Small package, full size performance

Cheetah Damascus Steel for strength, durability, rarity, and general good looking


The Baby Hippo is a pint-sized powerhouse!  It is small, sure, but that just means you can carry it in any way you can think of (on the keys, on a lanyard, part of a necklace).  The name is fantastic, as even Baby Hippos are big (50-100lbs at birth) and fight for their first breath.  This bottle opener is made from a piece of Delbert Ealy Cheetah Damascus Steel! I do not know how he got some, but David Beck managed to secure this insanely rare material (a quick visit to the Ealy website simply states "I have no stock currently available.").  

This is the first and only application of Cheetah Damascus in a bottle opener (that we can think of), so we recommend picking one up, and popping a bottle with it.