Vision Torch - Damasteel

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Rotablade Vision Tactical Torch Flashlight in Damasteel


Why this is AWESOME


100% Damasteel barrel and head

Driver upgraded to CWF Dragon v3

Water resistant housing


Rotablade might have started as an ultra-high quality manufacturer of premium hand spinners, but the Vision takes it to a whole new level!  This piece is made in ultra-rare and exotic Damasteel!  The body itself is water resistant (ie. minor splash, no submersion).  It runs a 219C D240 4000k LED stack and an upgraded CWF Dragon v3 driver with blue secondary color.  It also has a Carclo lens to protect the LEDs and is powered by a single (included) 18350 battery.  On the boot end, it uses a McClicky switch for power and programming.  The Vision feels like it will outlive its owner!

Rotablade Vision torches are normally sold direct from Rotablade via international ordering.  This also means across the pond shipping, foreign exchange rates, and limited availability of the Damasteel version.  We recommend a calculator and the patience of a saint if you want to order one.  Or you could buy this one. Today.

This example is pristine and appears to rarely, if ever, been carried.  Will ship with original packaging, COA for Vision AND CWF Dragon Driver, and Dragon programming instructions.