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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Salvacion Tactical Torch - Zirconium Black Mirror



Why this is AWESOME:

The most limited torch created for Chaves

Black Mirror finish is hand done

CWF Dragon v3 driver with Sangre Secondary


Salvacion. It is the light, cutting through the darkness to illuminate the soul.  We could not imagine a more fitting name for the FIRST EVER flashlight series from Ramon Chavez! As with everything Chaves Custom Knives, this is no ordinary flashlight.  Ramon partnered with renowned flashlight maker Deadwood Custom Works to produce this ode to his brand, creed, and beliefs. 


The piece is the ultimate collector grail.  The body and cap are milled from Zirconium, and features a new and exclusive finish, Black Mirror.  This hand polish takes several hours per light to complete.  It also features the Chaves Skull Key in a Halo Column Array, reaching across the entire body.  The red boot switch controls the CWF Dragon v3 driver and is equipped with a Sangre red secondary.  This example is completed with the ICONIC Skull Clip, so even in a pocket or torch slip, the world knows that Ramon is your maker of choice. 


The Zirconium Black Mirror is strictly limited to 10 pieces and, like the titanium version, will not be reproduced.  All pieces will ship with a protective hard case hand signed by Ramon Chavez, a microfiber lined carry pouch made by Dragoncut Designs, an 18350 battery (for US clients only) and a Laser Engraved Aluminum Certificate of Authenticity by Deadwood Custom Works.


**Proud to be the exclusive dealer of the Chaves Salvacion, and a proud Chaves Knives dealer**