Salvage D Biner - Red


D Rocket Design Salvage D-Biner Cerakoate with Red Titanium Handle and Steel Blade


Why this is AWESOME

Cerakoate provides a beautiful and durable finish

Compact size and non locking blade are carryable almost anywhere

A hi-vis color for easy location


D Rocket Design pushes the boundaries of design for each knife they create, and they definitely have a form that is equal to their function. 


The Salvage D-Biner Cerakote is a compact folder with a non-locking blade. This is a great knife for those situations where carry laws slant towards “Don’t”. The high-visibility Matte Red finish ensures that you will be able to find it, no matter how much you are carrying. The blade loop on top acts as a deployment option, an over travel stop, and a mounting point for the included 24in ball/chain necklace. 


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