SFK F13 - John Brown Custom Anodized Titanium


Andy Frankart F13 in Dirty Antique Brass


Why this is AWESOME:

Rarer than Bigfoot

Custom Anodized by John Brown

Iconic Frankart shape and Lights Out logo stamped into the brass


This Single Finger Knuckle (SFK) Ring is the absolute BUSINESS when it comes to Knucks.  It is made in the F13 shape (3 pointed crown top, curved sides, lanyard hole). It is ultra-rare, which is the case for all things Andy Frankart.  To make it even more unique, it features a custom multi-color anodization performed by John Brown! This example is super clean and has no signs of carry or wear.  All lines are crisp and smooth and there are no DINGS or scratches.  This is definitely meant for Idle Hands!!!


Andy Frankart is the ninja of the EDC world. No website. No social media. Rare is definitely an understatement with this maker.  Getting one is akin to capturing a unicorn.



Brass, antique patina


.72 inches


6.1 oz