SFK Nano F13 - White Westinghouse w/Blue Line


Andy Frankart SFK F13 Nano in White Westinghouse Micarta with Blue Line accent


Why this is AWESOME:

The rarest size of SFK

Original Westinghouse Micarta material

A compliant AFK piece


This is the nano.  A pendant sized Single Finger Knuckle (SFK) Ring that can be worn on a necklace, clipped to a bag, or put on your keys.  It is made to show off your Lights Out love in any condition, since it can be carried with little worry, unlike its bigger, ring sized, brother.  It is made from authentic Westinghouse Micarta (micarta was invented by George Westinghouse) in an almost bone white with the thin blue line crafted directly into the material.  There is no way to have an accent color by accident, so this was a purpose built piece of Westinghouse.  This nano is shaped like the F13 and the Lights Out frowning face is stamped directly into the Westinghouse!  This example is super clean and has no signs of carry or wear.  All lines are crisp and smooth and there are no chips or scratches. It is delivered with silver jump ring and ball/chain necklace.


Andy Frankart is the ninja of the EDC world. No website. No social media. Rare is definitely an understatement with this maker.  Getting one is akin to capturing a unicorn.