Shy Bar and Matching Bead - Bronze


Copper Shed Knife Works Shy Bar and Matching Bead in Copper


Why this is AWESOME:

Multi Tool with pry and popper

Bead matches both material and finish

Shape feels great in hand


This is a Shy Bar.  Part pry bar, part bottle opener, all great.  This one is 1/2 inch thick brass.  The shape is Copper Shed’s organic look, so it appears to be shaped for an actual hand by an actual hand, rather than machined to look like a finger groove.  It also has an antiqued finish on both pieces.  Did we say pieces? Yes we did, because this one comes with a matched (material and finish) bead and lanyard!

Copper Shed Knife Works are made on a custom basis and hand finished by Ryan Forbes in Vienna, OH.  Copper Shed is primarily sold via a Sunday sales drop done on a closed Facebook Group.  This fastest finger drop ensures that anything and everything released is sold in less than 5 mins! Getting a new piece of Copper Shed feels almost impossible at times, so naturally we wanted to make them as available as possible!

This example was barely handled and will ship with a birthday card/COA for the pry bar.