Skull Pen Clip -Jester


GD Skulls Titanium 2-Tone Silver & Bronze 3D Jester Skull Pen Clip


This "Jester" Skull Pen Pocket Clip can fit your Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt and TiNy bolt Tactical Pen. This is a meticulously hand crafted custom Titanium Tumbled pocket clip which features a polished Silver & Bronze "Jester" Skull. The detail and bone structure of the skull is just nothing less than wicked craftsmanship!!!


Some "Jester" TriviaThe court jester is the court’s fool. The hired comedian for the royal family. They often wore bright colors with a floppy hat. In the 18th century, the monarchy discontinued jesters. The position of the court jester was actually very complicated. On the surface, a jester might be taken as a mere buffoon, but he also had to walk a fine line in the court, as he had no official place in the ranks of the court. Many court jesters were extremely intelligent and sensitive to the political and social trends of their eras. A court jester could also purely entertain, of course, with acrobatics, music, silly songs, and many jesters or buffoons did just that during periods of uncertainty and fear.


Original GD Skulls 3D "Jester" Joker Skull pen clip and original signed certificate of authenticity