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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $300 (US)!

Skull Pen Clip - King


GD Skulls USA Titanium 2-Tone Silver & Bronze 3D King Skull Pen Clip


This King Skull Pen Clip can fit your Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt and TiNy bolt Tactical Pen. This is a meticulously hand crafted custom Titanium Tumbled pocket clip which features a polished Silver & Bronze King Skull. The detail and bone structure of the skull is just nothing less than wicked craftsmanship!!!

Some King TriviaA King is the title given to the head of a monarch, a supreme ruler, a male sovereign who holds by life tenure and usually by hereditary right is the chief authority over a country and people. A king has an absolute authority in a kingdom and is the supreme authority within the kingdom. The position of a king is hereditary in most kingdoms around the world.


Original GD Skulls 3D King Skull pen clip and original signed certificate of authenticity