Skull Popper v4 Bottle Opener - 0.75in Copper Shipwreck


Copper Shed Knife Works Skull Popper v4 Bottle Opener in 0.75 inch thick Copper with Shipwreck Patina Finish


Why this is AWESOME:

The latest variant of the iconic Shed Head

The namesake material

Copper comes pre-patina'ed with the iconic salt water Blue/Green look


We think that Copper Shed Knife Works and its creators Ryan and Kerry Forbes are some of the most creative people we have ever met.  Their takes on the classics, as well as their own innovative designs, are some of the most visually stunning pieces in EDC.  We had a great few days with Ryan in Atlanta for BLADE 2019, so we are really proud to be working directly with Copper Shed Knife Works on this (and future) offerings!


This is one of their Skull Poppers, shown in 0.75 in thick Copper.  This is the LATEST variation of the iconic Skull Popper and we are happy to say it is amazing! This is the skull you want to use for all your heavy lifting (of caps).  It is done in copper with a shipwreck patina finish, which provides all the look of copper aged in the salt water air of a fishing town, without the wait or having to join the cast of Deadliest Catch!  It can live as a standalone piece, pair it with a lanyard (like a CordMD), or even set it on top of a stack of paper and try to blow it over! 


**Proud to be officially working with Copper Shed Knife Works**