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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $200 (US)!

SLCC - Ghost G10


Warren Thomas/Strider Knives Slim Line Concealed Carry (SLCC) Knife in Ghost G10 with Titanium Carbide Blade


Why this is AWESOME

A collaboration between masters of fixed blades and advanced materials

G10 bonded directly to the titanium, resulting in single piece construction

Part of a custom 5 piece set


Warren Thomas is a master of advanced materials.  His designs pioneered the use of carbon fiber and titanium carbide to produce some light, quick, and functional blades.  Strider Knives designs and builds some of the most desirable knives out right now.  The combination of these two makers equals a rock solid design, lightning quick, and purposefully functional knifework.


The SLCC (Slim Line, Concealed Carry) Knife shown here was designed by Strider, and built by Warren Thomas.  The knife starts as a Titanium Carbide single piece neck knife.  It is then permanently bonded (through sorcery or witchcraft) to a Ghost Grey G10 layer that has been shaped and formed to perfectly complement the blade profile and the user's hand.


This example is an amazing part of a single run of 5 customs knives.  It is in absolutely showroom ready condition, with factory edge and original finishes intact.  Ships complete with kydex sheath.